DC-1210 Double Sided Tissue Tape [4 mil]


DC-1210 Double Sided Tissue Tape [4 mil]

Is a 4.0 mil (0.101mm) exclusive of liner, 1.8 mil tissue substrate coated on both
sides with an aggressive synthetic hot melt rubber adhesive, and featuring a 2.6 mil
gold siliconized glassine paper release liner. Excellent quick stick & peel strength,
Good for flying splice or static splicing where high resistance to heat is not required.

DC-1210 Double Sided Tissue Tape [4 mil]

Excellent for nameplates, trophies, core start-ups; laminating cork, cloth or felt;
splicing papers, textiles, plastics.

DC-1210 Double Sided Tissue Tape [4 mil]

  • Aggressive synthetic hot melt rubber adhesive
  • Gold siliconized glassine paper release liner
  • Adhesion: 90 oz/in (1.004kg/cm2)
  • Operating Temperature: up to 140°F (60°C)
  • Tensile Strength: 5.7 lb/in2 (0.400kg/cm2)
  • Elongation: 5%
  • 3″ Core
  • Comes in 60 yard (55M) rolls

Alternative to Tesa #4903; Int’l Tape #207; Venture #520; 3M #406; Adchem#2627;
Sicad #710TNT; Boma #4150.

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Additional information

Rolls Per Case:

3/8"=128, 1/2"=96, 3/4"=64, 1"=48, 1.5"=32, 2"=24, 3"=16, 4"=12, 53.5"=1

60 Yard Roll Widths:

3/8"(9mm), 1/2"(12mm), 3/4"(18mm), 1"(24mm), 1.5"(36mm), 2"(48mm), 3"(72mm), 4"(96mm), 53.5"(1360mm)