EL766-B Vinyl Electrical Tape [66′ Rolls]


EL766-B Vinyl Electrical Tape [66′ Rolls]

Is a 7 mil (0.18mm) Electrical Insulation Tape featuring plasticized PVC
with rubber based adhesive. For wire and cable insulation, bundling,
primary splice insulation at no more than 600V. Non-flame retardant

EL766-B Vinyl Electrical Tape [66′ Rolls]

Normally used as the outer layer of insulation in electrical taping
because they are long lasting and very flexible.

EL766-B Vinyl Electrical Tape [66′ Rolls]

  • Rubber Resin Adhesive
  • Temperature Resistance: 176°F (80°C)
  • Dielectric Breakdown: 6kV
  • Tensile Strength: 16 lb/in (1.124kg/cm2)
  • Elongation: 200%
  • Adhesion: 14 oz/in (0.156kg/cm)
  • 1.5″(38.1mm) UL Listed Core Core
  • Comes in 66 foot (20.12M) Rolls
  • 1/2″, 3/4″ 1″, 1.5″ and 2″ rolls are cello-wrapped (no label) – 10 rolls/tube sleeve.
    Other sizes are slit to order, and are bulk-packed, separated by silicone sheets.

Alternative to Permacel #220; IPG #6180; Tesa #4208; Berry Plastics #777.

EL766-B Data Sheet (click to download PDF)

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Additional information

Widths Available:

3/8"(9mm), 1/2"(12mm) , 3/4"(19mm), 1"(24mm), 1.5"(36mm), 2"(48mm), 49"(1250mm)

Rolls Per Case:

3/8"=264, 1/2"=192, 3/4"=100, 1"=160, 1.5"=120, 2"=80, 49"=2