Electrical Tapes

Choosing the right electrical tape for a specific task can be confusing! The type of electrical tape depends on the purpose the tape is meant to serve, the conditions in which it will be used, and the magnitude of electrical current it is meant to insulate.

Friction Tape:
Its tough surface helps to prevent abrasion and protects wires, cables, and splices from penetration from neighboring systems. Most commonly used for
electrical wire splices, heavy-duty binding, bundling cables, household wiring, and adding no-slip grip to construction and agricultural equipment handles.

Polyester electrical tapes:
Although thin, are strong, abrasion and tear resistant, and offer excellent conformability. Coupled with thermoset rubber or acrylic adhesives, these tapes allow for a wide range of serviceable temperatures. In addition, the transparency of the films and their range of colors make these a great choice for color coding and masking while maintaining visibility of covered part.

Self-fusing tapes are rubber based tapes which will adhere to themselves when wrapped with at least a 50% overlap. It performs and impenetrable barrier against current, moisture or some other medium.

Is the most effective and widely used material in making tapes. They are normally used as the outer layer of insulation in electrical taping because they are long lasting and very flexible.


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