Foil Tapes

Aluminum Foil Tapes may be used for shielding and covering thermal insulation, as well as waterproof sealing and heat deflection.
Aluminum Scrim Tapes are used as a closure system for fiberglass and mineral wool insulation systems that are faced with foil, to seal seams and joints on aluminum faced fiberglass duct board, and to provide a vapor barrier that assures the integrity of the system.
Copper Foil Tapes are a special electrograde, zero temper, high tensile copper foil tape. They provide excellent solderability. Malleable copper foil conforms well to irregular contours. Its aggressive acrylic adhesive system creates a superior bond. Used for RFI/EMI shielding applications in the electrical/electronics industry.
Lead Foil Tapes are a highly malleable, pure lead foil with acrylic or rubber adhesive. Good tack and quick stick. Conforms to irregular and curved surfaces; can be shaped to the most intricate patterns.

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