The Tape Doctor - Aisle/Floor Marking Vinyl Tape

Episode #2

Aisle/Floor marking tape

Aisle/Floor marking tape can be used as an effective hazard communication strategy throughout your facility. Aisle/Floor marking tape comes in a wide range of different colors and styles, so you can assign each one to a different meaning.
Some specific uses that have been found in many facilities include the following:

  • Red Tape: DANGER! If you see red tape in any area of the facility, that means there is danger present and you need to take general precaution.
  • Yellow or Black/Yellow striped: Caution. There may be a danger present, such as a moving vehicle or other hazard that comes and goes at different times of the day.
  • Orange: Chemical Hazards. Anywhere that dangerous chemicals are in use can be marked off by orange floor marking tape. Placing this tape in any doorways of the rooms where these chemicals are used, for example, can alert people to the threat.
  • Blue: Steam Vent Area. Anywhere that hot water may be vented could be marked off with blue tape. Identifying the areas where there is danger from the steam, and applying this tape to the floor will alert people to this very serious hazard.

Of course, there are many other colors that you can use, and many other threats that exist. Once you’ve identified a set of standards that you’ll use in your facility, you need to make sure to provide sufficient training to everyone who works in the facility so they are aware of all the different meanings. Visit our website to view all available colors or ask your sales representative for more information.