The Tape Doctor - UHMW Tapes

Episode #3

UHMW Tapes

What is UHMW tape?

UHMW stands for ultra high molecular weight polyethylene tape. It comes in 5, 10 or 20 mil thicknesses and is available with an aggressive acrylic or rubber adhesive. It can be slit to any size. UHMW‘s glide surface is used for:

  • Food Processing (bearings and gears, chute liners, wear strips)
  • Material Handling and Packaging (anti-static chute liners, wear strips, bearings and gears)
  • Conveyor Systems (wear strips, gears, chain guides)
  • Marine (covers, doors, fixtures, handles)
  • Waste Water Treatment Facilities (wear strips, paddles, bearings, scraper blades, chute liners

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