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Winter is an ideal time to take on some household projects, from small changes to full-scale renovations. You don’t always need heavy or expensive tools to get started, since some household projects can be completed with the right kind of tape. If you’re working on getting your DIY checklist finished this weekend, pick up some tape and start on one of these tape-friendly projects.

Teflon Tape Stops Leaks in Their Tracks

Leaky plumbing is really annoying—and it can lead to more damage and extra utility bills. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t have the tools or expertise to start welding pipes together on a Saturday afternoon. On the other hand, hiring a plumber can get expensive very quickly.

Luckily, tape can come to your rescue. Plumber’s tape, otherwise known as Teflon tape, is a fine way to fix small leaks. Most occur where two plumbing components fit together. If there isn’t a water-tight seal between them, liquid has a way of squeezing through even the tiniest spaces. Wrap some Teflon tape around the surface in 4-6 layers. The tape will form a seal around the junction, creating a “skin.”

Carpet Tape Tames Unruly Area Rugs

Is an out of place area rug driving you crazy? Are you constantly readjusting it so it stops moving whenever you step foot on it? Simply tape it down. Don’t just use any tape, though; there’s a special tape made to keep wayward rugs in place.

Double-sided tape (or its more specialized cousin carpet tape) is made exactly for that purpose. Carpet tape in particular is sticky on both sides and designed to stick to interior or exterior surfaces without peeling off paint or ruining hardwood. The best part is that it’s water resistant, so even if you’re wiping off your wet shoes on the rug, it won’t budge.

Duct Tape Can Be Used to Waterproof Your Old Shoes

Speaking of wet shoes, you can waterproof any pair of shoes using duct tape! Whether you want to make a pair of boots waterproof for working outside on a rainy day or you want to make sure your favorite sneakers are impervious to rain, duct tape is the answer. Fortunately, duct tape comes in colors other than the standard gray, so you can make your shoes waterproof and good-looking.

Cable Zone Tape Keeps Wires Out of Your Hair

Cable isn’t always installed in the most convenient places. Sometimes they can be downright bothersome. Whether they’re running across a threshold, hanging down in a doorway, or somewhere else they shouldn’t be, an uncooperative cable can be distracting at best and a safety hazard at worst. Keep those cables together and out of the way by wrapping them with cable zone tape. The center is smooth, so it’s easy to slide cable right into the sleeve. On the outside, a strong adhesive lets you stick that bunch of cables anywhere. It won’t leave a residue if you need to remove it in the future.

Are you on the hunt for a specific kind of tape for your project? Tapes and Technical Solutions has a huge inventory full of any type of tape you can imagine. Contact us today for help choosing the best materials for your project.